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Directed by Jagadishwor Thapa
Produced by Sushil Pokhrel
Written by Jagadishwor Thapa
Story by Jagadishwor Thapa
Starring Nikhil Upreti
Priyanka Karki
Salon Basnet
Ashishma Nakarmi
Music by Arjun Pokharel
Cinematography Krishna Shrestha
Edited by Gautam Raj Khadka
Distributed by Budha Subba Digital Pvt Ltd
Release date
  • 1 April 2017 (2017-04-01) (Nepal)
Running time
2h 20m
Country Nepal
Language Nepali
Box office est. 6 core

Radhe is a 2017 Nepalese romantic action social thriller film, written and directed by Jagadishwor Thapa, and produced by Sushil Pokhrel. The film stars Nikhil Upreti, Priyanka Karki, Ashishma Nakarmi and Salon Basnet in the title roles, along with Pramod Agrahari and Shishir Bhandari. The film is about a man named Radhe who loves Priya but one day he leaves the village without anyone's notice than he joins the Nepalese army to fight for his country.The film was one of the successful film that was released that year and was successful at the box office, it was estimated the film earned 3 cores in two days.[1][2][3][4][5]


Radhe who lives with mother and has love for a girl named Priya but Priya's father doesn't allow him to marry her because of their financial statues than one day Radhe leaves the village without anyone's notice, after leaving the village he meets a man in the journey than lives with him than after while Radhe joins the army.[6]



No. Title Singer(s) Length
1. "Malai Maaf Gara Priya" Abhijeet 3:12



  • While filming the film the main cast for the film Priyanka Karki fainted while shooting the film, she was unconscious for about 10 minutes.[8]


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